Michael Jackson - Butterflies
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Michael Jackson | Butterflies

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People love to forget Michael Jackson’s blackness

people love to think that Michael Jackson forgot his blackness


I’ve been obsessing quite a bit over Lost Boys lately, which is a film that mixes some elements of Peter Pan with 80’s teen vampires. One of my favorite singers is Michael Jackson, who had a special affinity for the Peter Pan story and wished to regain some aspects of his childhood that had been overshadowed by his successful music career. I play an IPhone game called Disney’s Hidden, which is basically a hidden objects game where you find things or details from famous scenes in Disney movies. Guess what level I am on… Yup. Peter Pan.

Is this a weird thing I have going on, or is it just me? It actually kind of creeps me out a little. Am I being sent some kind of message or something?

5 years today….


I love you, Michael :( 






Happy Birthday, Michael. Miss you and your music.

Happy Birthday, Michael. Miss you and your music.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Still Miss You A LOT.

Sorry I missed the anniversary…again. :(

I’m trying something; read below:


I want to see how many people (huge fans or not) listen to Michael Jackson. I always see the same people talking about him so if YOU LISTEN to ANY Michael Jackson, even if it’s just a little, Please REBLOG! Thanks!